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Exchange Difference Payment - Glitter Kicks

Exchange Difference Payment

$ 1.00

If you'd like to exchange a shoe you've ordered, and you would like to exchange it for a higher-priced pair of Glitter Kicks, you may use this form to pay the difference between the shoe you've already ordered and the shoe you'd like to upgrade to. Simply add this item to your shopping cart, and set the quantity to the dollar amount needed to bring your payment up to the required value for the new pair of shoes.

For example: If you ordered a shoe that cost $119, and you want to exchange it for a shoe that costs $149, simply add this item to your cart and set the desired quantity to 30. In addition, send an email to regarding your exchange request. Upon checkout, you will pay $30, and we will process your request to exchange for your new style.

For details regarding our returns & exchange policy, see here: Click Here